Silstar Antiques Ltd was established over 65 years ago. We are a family business with a long tradition of working in the famous London Silver Vaults. As a shop selling antique and modern English silver, we are proud to supply fine quality silverware to collectors all around the world.

We are best known for our large stock of silver goblets of which we have over 100 in stock at a time. Our stock of goblets has been known to change as often as weekly.

The history of the London Silver Vaults dates back to 1882, when The Chancery Lane Safe Deposit Company opened for the purpose of safe-guarding private possessions and documents. Security was so good that, almost immediately, they became the favourite storage place of silver dealers and traders. During the Second World War the building above the vaults was destroyed, and was replaced with the site now known, throughout the world, as The London Silver Vaults. Over 50 objet-d’arts and silverware dealers trade from individual vaults within this location making it a wonderful site to visit and buy silver items ranging from £10 to £1,000,000.

Antique English Silver Goblets. Modern Silver Eagle.